How It Works

Power your sales funnel with SyncGro

As the marketing arm of your team, we combine strategy, technology, and process to improve touch points with customers.

Our track record with high-growth companies

Our Process

Marketing, meet sales

Our agency takes an integrated approach to your company’s growth. Instead of marketing and sales being disjointed, siloed approaches, we align the two every step of the way.

Define the Sales Funnel

We document your company’s ideal sales funnel, quantitatively and qualitatively. We do this on a semi-annual basis in what we call a Playbook.

Pinpoint Opportunities for Optimization

We identify gaps in your current sales funnel that we need to close in order to get to ideal state. We articulate how to close these gaps with what we call Plays.

Create Content to Close Gaps

We design, publish, and optimize content of all kinds that improves the customer journey. Content is what we use to achieve Play goals. Scroll down to see our capabilities.

Measure Success and Repeat

After implementation, we document what worked and what didn’t. We report back to you quarterly, make adjustments as needed, and then, we do it all again.

Content Capabilities

A non-exhaustive list of touch points we improve for you

When content is backed by strategy, technology, and process, it can close gaps, increase conversion, and generate revenue for your company.

When it’s not, it’s just a waste of time.

We create intentional, measurable, and scalable content that attracts and converts customers.

Let us power your sales funnel